Changelog v1.46.3

For Storage Nodes
For adding a storage node to the multinode dashboard you need the NodeID, public address and an API key. We added a storage node info command that outputs all 3 information. The output of multiple nodes can also be written into a JSON file. See storagenode info --help for more information.

Multinode Add Node Command
Adding a bunch of nodes to the multinode dashboard can take some time. There is a simple command line call now. See multinode add --help for more information.
Note: You can combine the storage node info command and pipe that directly into multinode add. At the moment there is a bug with the external address. As a workaround you can use something like this:

storagenode info --json --config-dir <insert your storage node config dir here> \
| sed 's/"publicAddress":":/"publicAddress":"<insert your external IP / dyndns without port here>:/g' \
| multinode add --config-dir <insert your multinode config dir here> -

Multinode UI Tests
We welcome code contributors. We believe good test automation will make code changes easier. Even without deep knowledge you can touch the code and the tests will give you direct feedback about the impact of your change. Our current test coverage is not optimal. We hope that our multinode UI tests can be used as templates. Let us know if you need any assistance for your code contribution.