Changelog v1.48.2



  • a446ab9 satellite/{admin,payments,satellitedb}: add checks for deletion of free tier accounts
  • 4d0dd73 satellite/admin: add endpoints for oauth clients
  • 2e31ef3 satellite/metabase: better error message while move
  • bc16179 satellite/metabase: drop DeleteObjectLatestVersion method
  • 5041ee0 satellite/metabase: drop GetObjectLatestVersion method
  • dffa784 satellite/metainfo: split endpoint tests
  • 02bbcd7 satellite-ui: update wizard to instruct uplinkng usage
  • 3a7fb45 satellite/satellitedb: users/projects segment limit migration
  • 2ae78db satellite/email: add delimiter to close the last part of Multipart emails
  • d393f60 satellite/accounting: adjust tests to expose new uplink errors
  • b8c55fd satellite/projectaccounting, satellite/console, web/satellite: implemented backend for bandwidth chart
  • 17f56ab satellite/metainfo: split endpoint into smaller files (object/segment)
  • 33b9d24 web/satellite: NotificationItem: support link added
  • 9ce1a4e satellite/accounting: use AOST to get segment usage
  • 65c38c6 satellite/metainfo: split metainfo endpoint into smaller files (buckets)
  • 913718e satellite/accounting: test bandwidth limit without cache
  • be02aa9 satellite/overlay: add test for UpdateCheckIn panic
  • 4be84c3 satellite/accounting: fix how we put segments usage into cache
  • bfad42f satellite/metainfo: split metainfo endpoint into smaller files
  • 1c47163 satellite/metainfo: add more logging for CreateBucket
  • c30c7de satellite/{console,payments},web/satellite: save signup promo code to newly registered users
  • 251e432 satellite/satellitedb: drop contained from nodes and reputations
  • 95750b9 satellite/console: verify limits while test
  • 0128791 web/satellite: graphql error logging added


  • a1aa9f2 private/testplanet: expose NewLogger for other tests


  • b7ca228 cmd/uplinkng: improvements to prepare for doc update
  • 67c58fd cmd/uplinkng: add setup command


  • 0d03473 cmd/partnerid-to-useragent-migration: LIMIT 1 in MigrateUsers id select query
  • 1743a72 cmd/partnerid-to-useragent-migration: parallelize tests, use db test migration method
  • 9d3614f cmd/partnerid-to-useragent-migration: add value_attributions migration and tests
  • 6b6e990 cmd/partnerid-to-useragent-migration: add bucket_metainfos migration and tests
  • 1f1a054 cmd/partnerid-to-useragent-migration: add api_keys migration and tests
  • 6d6d677 cmd/partnerid-to-useragent-migration: add projects migration and tests
  • 5d6ee50 private/apigen: initial typings and methods
  • 3451162 web/console: Save timestamp when creating users to mark their first email verification notification.
  • e6961e1 cmd: add command for partner_id to user_agent satelliteDB migration
  • c968bd0 docs/blueprints: Create API renovation blueprint