Changelog v1.5.2

For Everyone
All of our processes contain a debug endpoint. It is now possible to change the log level without having to restart the process. This works with storage nodes as well as with our S3 gateway or any other binary you might think of. Details on how to reach the debug endpoint are here: Guide to debug my storage node, uplink, s3 gateway, satellite

For Storagenode

Suspension Mode Audit Score
Suspension mode is based on a separate audit score that is not visible on the storage node dashboard. We added the unknownAlpha and unknownBeta values to the storage node dashboard API. The unknownScore will be added with the following release.

Meaning of the values

unknownScore=unknownAlpha / (unknownAlpha + unknownBeta)
Ideally unknownAlpha increases overtime to 20 and unknownBeta decreases to 0. That is the best score you can get.
Full details you can find here:

Payment Dashboard
The held amount on the payment dashboard is now taking any held amount paybacks into account (month 15 or graceful exit). The total held amount should be correct now.

For Customers

gRPC Removal
We switched from gRPC to dRPC a long time ago. We are removing gRPC entirely. If you get any gRPC related error messages please update to the latest version.

Project Limit Increase
50 GB is the new default project limit. It also applies to existing user accounts. Customers can still request a limit increase. We are not reducing the limit for any customer that already has a higher limit.
For customers that prefer to pay with STORJ tokens instead of credit card we have reduced the minimum payment to $ 10 to get the 50 GB limit.

Zombie Segment Reaper
We have improved and automated the zombie segment reaper. It is now running at least once per week and it should catch all the zombie segments. Please contact us if you see an unexpected high billing value in your tardigrade account.