Changing Payout Address Not Working

I followed the instructions here: How do I change values like wallet address or storage capacity? - Node Operator to change the payout wallet on a Windows node but the node dashboard continues to show the old address.

How can I change the wallet address to my new wallet?

I know you said you followed the directions as linked, but I would verify that the service has actually been stopped while you are editing the config file and then restart afterwards. You might also need to crtl+F5 to refresh the page so the browser ignores its cache.

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If you have used a Notepad++ as suggested, then you need to explicitly save changes in the config file by menu File - Save, it should ask for Administrator’s rights, you need to confirm and save again.
After that you need to restart the service either from the Services applet or from the elevated PowerShell

Restart-Service storagenode