Changing Physical Location of Node


If a node with established reputation were to be moved to a different physical location (different IP) but behind a dynamic address, would it be disqualified? For instance, if you had to move to a new house with a new, equivalent connection.

The node itself has proven to be reputable, but would just be moved to a different connection.


No you would not get DQed you will just loose rep for down time, Just move the node and start it back up in the new location.

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Please follow the migration instructions so you will make sure to edit the IP address/DDNS and port forwarding used with your new ISP at the new location.

These instructions are outdated as they don’t give any advice on how to migrate from GUI install to GUI install.

Just setup a new node “GUI”, but at the part of the setup where it asks you where you want to store the storj files, point it to all the files from your old node. And the migration settings are not out dated… Yet.

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Pretty sure he’s just using the same machine no migrating needs to be done. Just a simple change to IP address and port forwarding.