Cheaper HDDs outside the US... without resellers?

I saw in another forum that Seagate is going to start offering their recert drives direct on Ebay. In North America you’ve been able to get cheap/bulk HDDs from places like SPD or Horizon… but elsewhere prices have been much higher.

Who knows what shipping will cost through Ebay: perhaps it will still kill the deal. But maybe the rest of us won’t have to pay so much any more?

(and more SNOs will say “yes” to expansion? :wink: )

That link gave me a 404…

Oh man: I hope they haven’t made all the changes already… because their ‘RecertifiedCategories are full of used drives that cost 50% more than what SPD is charging :frowning:

(Edit: Maybe they’re charging more to offer 2-year warranties?)

The common approach is to have eBay ship to local reshipper that then forwards to your country.

eBay offers that GSP program, where the seller ships locally and some other corp forwards it along. For drives it might be like $30 for one, $150 for 10 etc., to have it shipped to Europe, but it is lately a miss, where in some cases it takes up to three weeks for the items to show up.
And then the import taxes kill almost any deal on equipment such as drives, where you are better off just buying a brand new locally. The bonus is warranty and ease of replacement in case of DOA for example.
So you would probably have to buy a significant amounts of drives from eBay for it to make any financial sense.


That’s a bummer… why all the good stuff sells only in US? We have money too!