Check nodes, running on 1.4.2

Hello guys,
please check my nodes (node id are 12RVpRovUd4Pih2pWXGvTkuhJGTfHRa1WXPmWW9LCEgx8zqoU3s and 1NxLefBRGF2NENtP5feD8Zx6q4VV4ywBkSQXgDPFG2bSzbR914)
My symptoms: I don’t see any request to upload files from all satellites. And it started about a week ago.

But two nodes are online and have 100% success audit from all satellites

Logfile from first node, see only GET_AUDIT

And I have over 100GB free disk space on this nodes

You probably have 100+GB in trash, so your node is effectively full. Just wait for that to clear up, which will happen automatically and you’ll get uploads again.

Yes, you are right I have on first node 216GB in trash folder and on other node 392GB in trash folder

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