Check the Subnet for multiple nodes

Just stumbled on a new Feature of and tough that can maybe useful for someone :wink:

Now you can check easily how many nodes are within an Subnet: :partying_face: :partying_face:

Keep up the good work @3bl3gamer!


Great :slight_smile:

Really nice! :smiley:

It found one of my nodes (7mo fiber node, 1 node found) but did not find my other one (6mo coax node, 0 nodes found) even when using the exact WAN IP.

This is a great feature. Keeps people from potentially doing grey area things like scanning a full /24 subnet around them.
I know how many node I have :slight_smile:
unfortunately I still don’t know …

it should be using the /24 logic for you. No need for * (it’s always .1 - .255)

So yes: 105.152.14 ???

Implies -

OK. Thx
(+20 signs )

Nice work
Good to know