Checking subnet /24

Incoming traffiv on one of my node become half of the normal. I have seen command which can check quantity of nodes under one subnet, but can’t find with search. Could you help with link?


It’s not a command as such.
You can go to this link at StorjNet, input your IP address and it should tell you how many nodes are running on that /24 :slight_smile:


You can also pull it from the StorjNet API if you want it on the CLI. Like substitute your IP onto the end of something like this:

wget -q --output-document -

…and you should get a chunk of JSON with your peer count: similar to this:


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I stand humbly corrected :wink:

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If you have jq installed, just pipe the result into it.

wget -q --output-document - | jq -r .result.count

Thanks to everybody! I did

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