Chia mining looks profitable? FORGET IT, if you was ther not in the begining, no way can win it

Calculator show good profit?

Try Advinced calculator, because you dont have ploted All your space already event if you can plot TB a day, network expanding so fast that chanses go less every hower.

whatch this befor begining.

People farming 200TB and resalt is 0
In STORJ we can have with this size normal and stable income over time.


Their calculator is as optimistic as the official Storj one was. Nothing unusual :wink:


my point was to open eys to people about real life, because lot of people leave storj for mysterious big profit that will never hapen.


I can absolutely confirm this. I got extremely lucky mining a block in my first week because I started relatively early. And even that was while it said I would win at best once in 3 months. I’ve been plotting non stop ever since, but even while doing that that timeframe is just going up and saying once every 5 months now. And that’s with 10TB plotted. Space is almost full now, so chances will soon drop to 0 if I can’t expand at all anymore.

I’m definitely not buying any hardware for this and as soon as storj uses more room, I will remove plots so my nodes can expand.

Throwing away your nodes for this is like throwing away solid income for a short term chance you might win big, but almost certainly won’t. I’d really recommend thinking longer term and hanging on to your Storj nodes. It won’t be easy to get the data on your nodes back if you have to start over later.


Let them. Getting some repair traffic would be nice.

I always considered chia to be a scam, never bothered with that coin before it went live on exchanges. Price proved that it’s at least a well-orchestrated scam, so I decided to throw together a small setup and fill some of the unused free space I have. Profitability is just below $2/TB/day, ignoring it would mean throwing away a chance to get free money.
That said, extracting profit if you don’t run a large scale setup is almost impossible, you’re essentially grabbing a bunch of lottery tickets and hope to win before network grows too big and coin dumps.

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if you whatch the numbers on chia explorer there was 21 000 000 chia premined, before start, so i think they sell them sloly on high price to people before it will end of game.
Some time ago was 1.5 bilion sold.

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Premine was exactly the reason why I laughed it off. I read their whitepaper and was like “no, they can’t be serious”. If they’re already selling the premine then the coin is finished.

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I think it will be too late to get HDDs to a reasonable price again soon though… Really hoping I won’t get an HDD failure. It would suck to have to spend more than double to replace a broken one.


It really depends on the coin price. If it tanks and profitability becomes low, people may try to get rid of drives.

Possibly, but I’m personally not the biggest fan of buying used. And I fear the supply of new HDDs will be thin for quite a while longer. We’ll have to wait and see.

It makes sense if you have the hardware (HDDs) to repurpose available hardware, but I understand that Chia eats NVMe due to the high IO for creating plots. That is a cost that must be considered.

I’m using my temp spare space for chia (as it will take at least 6 to 12 months for Storj to fill one of my drives) :smiley:

At the moment everyone is “solo-farming/mining” chia so it’s a lottery with really, really bad odds…

Once Chia get pools implemented (expected end of month) it will be less of a lottery and more of a traditional pool-mining operation.

As for killing NVMe’s and SSD’s it’s a pain but their is a way around it of you decide to use old server equipment.
Grab a cheap SAS HBA card (around $40-50) and a hand full of dirt cheap 300/400Gb 10k/15k SAS drives (pick them up for $20-$30 each) and with a few RAID settings and you can get close to NVME speeds on spinning rust to do all the plotting with less cost than a 1/2Tb NVMNe.

it’s just another way to let your drives earn a bit of £/$/€ while wating for Storj network to fill your drives :smiley:


Jupp i also have applied space to chia, and stumbled on Burstcoin, which seems to be the initial inventor of Proof of space. I have used the other empty 50% for them, so lets wait and see ^^

Of course i will reallocate the Space to Storj, when required.

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Chia will get better once pools become officially available. Right now, yeah, not really worth it, though I am not going to delete my 30TB of plots…

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You’ll have to if you want to join a pool since your current plots won’t work on it…

Annoying, but not a big problem, since I stil have the plotting server set up.

What I meant was that it’s not really worth it to solo mine, but since I already have the plots, there is no point in stopping either.

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China just needs to get rid of old mechanical HDD drives.
I still have a thought, - why didn’t they start TEA token, instead of CHIA.
Anyways it sounds like russian CHAI, LOL! :joy:

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where did you read this? you’re saying that any plots made previously can’t be allocated to a pool?

Don’t remember where I learned this. I think it was a YouTube video somewhere, but yes, plots need to be created for the specific pool to work. Your plots created for solo mining can only be used by you to mine solo.


there was brifing video about this from devs, that to participate in pool will be need to make new mobile plots, that there can be changed pool id or something like this, with cooldown 30 min.
today if you generating plots with your pool and publik key you cant use them in any pool.