Choice of the OS

sorry for the message but … kinda lost/confused on the forum … and … i really like to setup a node !!! …first things first : is centOS a good choice (on i5) ? or… rasperi pi 3 ? … or nas ?

thank you!

Hello @SirRichardTheFirst,
Welcome to the forum!
You can use any device and use any OS, compatible with Docker.
I can suggest you to use only existing hardware and more familiar OS for you.
However, the preferred OS is Linux
You can read about everything here:

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yes … i have been reading … but “the problem is…” im a nob in linux! instaled ubuntu…then mint… then… centos…i guess centos is fine! but … you guys dont want to configure my system remotely by the way :slight_smile:
im taking to long … i see you’d like nodes to connect asap… i have the key but i dont think i will be able to do this alone !!! any irc?
sorry for taking your time … but i see no other option… and thkz !

If you install and share me your screen i can help you to configure it in cent os 7,

Do you know what is raid ? Feel free to contact me.
That would be a good refresh for me.

oh … thkz … i would really apreciate it…
yes … raid and das … im thinking if its possible! i could get more drives…

…or worth it ! … maybe if i upgrade bandwith ?!

i send you a private message

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