CIMMYT discovers sustainable object storage in Storj DCS


Very interesting! Shouldn’t that be in the announcement/News category and on the blog as well?

You can see all researches there: Resources | Storj
I just posted one of them. It’s not fall into announcements, because there is nothing new in technical plane.
Even blogs are not posted in announcements. We want to keep this category clean.

So, I didn’t find a better category for case studies at the moment, but I’m opened for suggestions!

It seems you had a similar content on the blog and in the forum as announcement in the past:

To me this is kind of an announcement as it seems to be a new customer with an interesting use case and it is free advertisement. If I would search in the forum I would first look into the Projects & Stories category for such an info.

On the website, I would never find this case study. It is basically hidden and you have to go to Resources → Media to find it. That would be the last place I would look for it. It feels a bit like Storj is hiding such important information from potential customers.

You can check out and their Resources menu to compare.


On the last page the button links to the Storj blog and not to the homepage or signup page what would be more beneficial:

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We have brought this suggestion to the attention of our design team and they thank you for your helpful input - we’ll be introducing a dedicated case studies page in the future.