Clean exit from Dashboard

Since long time in the guide on there’s the CTRL-C action if you want to leave the dashboard.
Actually docker has a built in sequence that can be used because we are using the “docker exec” command. To make a clean exit from the dashboard app please use the following sequence “CTRL-P, CTRL-Q”.
This would cleanly leave the dashboard app.


Can I ask what is unclean about CTRL+C ?

Ctrl+pq detaches from the dashboard but leaves it running. That’s not an exit at all. It’s an excellent way to stack up more and more orphaned processes. There is nothing wrong with using Ctrl+c to exit the dashboard.


Ok, ok, I see, you’re correct! You can use “docker attach” in that case…
Was triggered earlier by this process that’s just using CTRL-C (like in kill a running process, which works also…).
Tbh, if we are almost production phase it would imo be nicer and look more professional if there was a clean process exit (I mean instead of CTRL-C which always work of course…).
Just my 2 cents on this…

So actually is cleaner, but only the exit message is not… (see my reaction on @BrightSilence message for reason why I was posting this…).

What would you like the exit message to look like ?

Well, I don’t really know, but definitly not like this (what it is now)!
^C2020-01-26T16:04:46.168Z INFO Got a signal from the OS: “interrupt”
2020-01-26T16:04:48.010Z FATAL Unrecoverable error {“error”: “context canceled”}

This doesn’t look OK for less experienced users imo…, in particulair the “FATAL Unrecoverable error” part :roll_eyes:
This will most certainly raise some unneeded questions…