Clean out time, Internet down, it's a sign

Well… here we are…How’s your weekend been so far?

Last night my internet went down (BT FttP), No engineer can come out till Monday afternoon. So stuck with a probably broken FttP box, no internet (other than my phone tether) and a whole lot of free time…

So I’m spending my weekend breaking down my machines, giving them a good clean and deciding if I’ll keep the Node running when I get my internet back!

Going to have to wait and see how bad my stats are when things get back online. But with the way things are going (£ energy cost of my node wise) my node might stay off, consolidate my other services down to a single box, and save on costs by not needing a server running 24/7.

So fun times ahead!

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I had my fiber get cut a few months ago, was able to run to the local cable provider and get a cable modem with a no commitment agreement - returned it a week later with no charges as there was a 30 day free evaluation window.


downtime won’t keel ya…
i have from time to time had a few days of downtime… intentional and not… :smiley: usually not.

doesn’t really affect much after 4 hours offline you will see some deletions, usually like maybe 5% and that doesn’t really seem to change much over the first few days atleast…
tho in theory the longer a node is offline the more deletions… but its from my experience near insignificant.

you can have up to 12days of downtime without any real downside expect the 5% or so deletions, after 12 days your online score will drop below 60% and you will be suspended.
meaning no ingress until online score comes back above 60% again.

from this point there are 18 days left out of the total of 30 a node is allowed to be offline without special conditions, like say war, natural disasters and such… in which cases storjlabs can decided to extend these downtime periods where node doesn’t get DQ.

under normal conditions, when a node has been offline for more than 30 days it will be DQ.
again this can in special cases be revoked… but its not something that happens often in normal conditions.


No need to worry. Some time ago I had a move for a period of several days and storj node was offline for that time. Nothing special happened, except a drop in uptime to probably 80%.


Don’t worry. I have a node that was offline 9 days during the weekend, nothing bad happened. I think loosing data is more dangerous.

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Where can I get one of those 9 day weekends? I might consider moving :smiley:


||| This is the way. |||

in Russian Federation. You r welcome :grinning:


everyday is a weekend when you’re not currently employed… :smiley:

wait… :cry:


These are New Year holidays, plenty of free time. Paid if you’re employed.

“Funny thing about weekends when you’re unemployed… they don’t mean quite so much. 'cept you get to hang out with your working friends.”
Primus in the song Spaghetti Western