CLI dashboard for SNOs

The CLI dashboard SNOs need and now … its here :slight_smile:

It is in Powershell which is supported on Windows/Linux/Mac

Please read the readme and give your feedbacks.

Example output:


Thanks, especially when the web dashboard doesn’t work. Is the minimum version 1.24?

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Yes. Its the data shown via

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I’m not sure about this. Somewhere I read that the version number shown in the Web Dashboard is only applicable to the Docker version.
The minimum for binaries is shown different here:

That’s what i mean, it doesn’t seem to be correct

It’s applicable to all versions. The minimum version is the oldest version which can start and will not crash due too old version (but not work normally, because it will not have any ingress). On you can see a minimum working version (with ingress).


Update: Aug 24, 2023

  • Fix color bug for online, audit, suspension score
  • Show Today’s bandwidth
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Update: Sep 8, 2023

  • Added Title for the window
  • Added progress bar to be shown when retrieving data

How did I not know this before?! Thank you so much for this -surely to others obvious- great info! :slight_smile:

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any chance to add a notice for a new version?

Please elaborate, what kind of notice ?

when i run the script, some notice for new version of script

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You can subscribe to this thread here on the forum or/and for updates from the GitHub.


Thanks for your suggestion. I am figuring out a way to show this on the dashboard too. I am planning to update the script with this and some exclusive Windows only features :slight_smile:

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Update: Sep 11, 2023

Hyperlinks & Script update notification

  • Hyperlink shown for L1 wallet address.
  • Hyperlink for Current and Latest storagenode versions to check for changelog.
  • Script update notification in the form of a link when its not updated and without any link when script is of latest version.
  • When script is old a No is shown under Is this script uptodate with a “Blinking” effect and a hyperlink to this repo.
  • Blinking effect shown to “Press Enter to continue”.

Please note:

Blinking text and hyperlinks are shown only in Windows Terminal. This is the exclusive Windows only feature I had mentioned in my last post.

SNOs that use Powershell won’t see any hyperlinks or blinking text i.e text will be normal without animation.

In order to see the blinking effect SNO has to enable animations under Windows. This setting is under Display labeled “Show animations in Windows”

Here is how links for wallet, current version, latest version and script version is shown. The dotted underline denotes hyperlink

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What do you think @nerdatwork? Here showing the first two of my nodes. I have to admit that making even small changes to the code is a tab and space mayhem - of course smiling a bit. To be more serious, I noticed small differences between CLI-dashboard-for-SNOs and official browser dashboard in terms of todays bandwidth egress and ingress. Any comments why it happens?

Hey @s-t-o-r-j-user, that fork looks nice. I agree about the tab-and-space mayhem and I am a little OCD about having everything lined up perfectly. Looking at your screenshots I don’t see any difference. They both have the same :white_circle: rectangle surrounding them :nerd_face:

The CLI dashboard has precision up to 3 decimals so it won’t round it up to 2 digits like the webboard.


Thanks for such a vocal expression of admiration wrt to this beauty contest, explicitly. :slight_smile:

It is not a fork.

To be honest, I dont think that it is a rounding error. For example, on CLI I see 11.385 todays ingress but official web dashboard indicates 10.5, and for egress 1.375 vs 1.36 respectively.

And having the opportunity:

  • do you know what the API limits are, I noticed a few times that I was breaching them;
  • what do you think about showing historical daily bandwidth for the current month;
  • what do you think about providing information about transfers of payments;

and above all

  • would you consider redesigning the CLI-Dashboard-for-SNOs to natively support more then one node?

To sum up, thanks a lot @nerdatwork for your dashboard, I really like it.

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You made changes to suit your design aka fork :slight_smile:

Are you sure both were refreshed at same time? CLI (11.385, 1.375) ; Web (10.5, 1.36). It seems web is behind CLI.

Github has api limit of 60 per hour. It resets every hour.

I was thinking of it too but I was waiting for any feedback regarding it. I already have a few ideas crawling in my head :slight_smile:

Could you elaborate on that?

Of course, I want to support multinode dashboard but I currently have just 1 node so I am unable to test it. But soon :tm:

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You made changes to suit your design aka fork :slight_smile:

This is correct, however, sensu stricto, this is not a fork. I am sending you the source code by a direct message. :slight_smile:

Are you sure both were refreshed at same time?

Yes, within a few seconds time. Are you noticing any differences on your side?

Github has api limit of 60 per hour. It resets every hour.

My initial feeling was that this is some storj api limit, however, you may be right, I have to double check it.

I was waiting for any feedback regarding it.

Marvelous dashboard. I like it because it provides a lot of info in a concise way. It does not need access to database files in a sense that it is possible to call remote machines. It is also multi platform. In is easy to make it writing logs for more than one node, however, I do think that design is not optimal for such a purpose (hard to make comparision between nodes).

[…] information about transfers of payments. Could you elaborate on that?

Like the info that the payment for the previous month has been made by Storj Inc. and reached its destination. I am recalling I saw something like that, probably in a script by @BrightSilence. I am not sure about it, however, it seems that when requesting info for the previous month, his script provides payment details. I would have to double check it.

I want to support multinode dashboard […]

This would be very cool. It is nice to have a CLI dashboard when running one node but it is not a necessity. My understanding is that the situation looks very different when running a few more. I guess design would be very different. Anyway, thanks again. Really like it.