Coins not showing up in my wallet but visible on zksync

If I follow the link from my node dashboard I can see that I have .044 storj on the zksync website with a transaction date of April 7th. However, when I look in my wallet it still shows a balance of 0. I have double checked the address and everything looks correct.

What is going on?

Your tokens are on L2. That means you can’t see them on L1 without withdrawing them to L1. You basically never have to do that though. Just collect them on L2 and withdraw them directly to an exchange if you want to trade them. The upside of this is that you also don’t need any ether for transaction costs as those can be paid in STORJ on L2.

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Soo, I will never actually see them in my wallet and only see them on the zksync website? Are they really in my wallet then or on the website? What if i want to move them to a different wallet? Do i first have to go through an exchange?

hhmmmm, guess I need to read up on difference between L1 and L2

Tokens and coins are never in your wallet, they are on the blockchain. Your wallet is basically just where you store your keys. Technically these tokens are locked in the zkSync smart contract on the ethereum blockchain(L1) and registered to your keys. This is your proof on the ethereum blockchain that you own these tokens. While they are locked there, you can do what you want with them on the zkSync side chain (L2). Of course on L1 that is not the same as actually having the tokens. There may be wallet software that can read that smart contract and also displays tokens in the zkSync smart contract.

You can do that either on zkSync, which would be very cheap in transaction costs or if you want to send them to another wallet on L1 you can withdraw to that wallet. But at that point your transaction costs will be similar to transferring tokens on Ethereum. Slightly, but negligibly higher actually.

No, I used the exchange as an example for when you want to withdraw L2 tokens to another address on L1. You never HAVE to use an exchange if you don’t want to.