Community awards program

So, one of the things I like about the Golem project is their quarterly awards program where they give out GLM to people for various ideas and help.
One of those awards is for developers.
Maybe this is a program Storj could adopt to encourage development on top of the Storj ecosystem? It’s not a huge amount of money for most people but it could be that extra bit of encouragement to a young developer and who knows from where that killer app will come from.


I really like that idea! That could be a nice incentive to contribute and grow the ecosystem!


This is a cool idea :+1:t2:


@jtolio @john @Alexey would be very interested in your feedback on this possibility?

Thanks for the suggestion. We’re in process of hiring a developer evangelist and some of this may fall under their wheelhouse. We had talked, a lot, about a bounty program in the past, but it often gets complicated and seems to get pushed off for other initiatives. The company is very interested in working with developers to expand Storj’s reach. That’s why we’re having this hire, and will subsequently build on the direction they decide to go with. Stay tuned.


Thanks for the reply @Knowledge. Personally I think “bounty program” is a horrible name though so I hope something different to that will be chosen by the new staff member.