Community farm? ETF style idea


A long time ago, when i was farming Burst, there was an option to offer assets where you could acquire a part and receive benefits in proportion. It was “relative” easy to setup and pay the participants. I ran my “miner” for a few months and paid proportionally to the investors.

Now, do you think it could be interesting to do the same with Storj? Is there any iniciative similar? I can’t find one.

Just to clarify, because perhaps my english isn’t very good. I could offer 1 disk in my farm and people could buy a part of it. Then, they get paid proportionally each month.

What do you think? Do anyone tried this before?

Thank you.

It makes no sense.

The storagenode helps offset costs of running an existing server by utilizing unused resources.

If you have spare capacity — run storage node on it. Why would you share revenue with someone else? Why would someone else want to pay for your hardware?


When I did it, it was people who had burst and preferred to spend it to get more. So they bought the tokens I offered and every month, they received their payment. I received a commission from the total and it allowed me to accumulate more disks on the shelf.

It is the same idea behind Bitcoin ETFs.

You should read this :point_down:

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It would take a while to store enough data to make it worth your time. Unlike mining, you can’t exactly throw more resources at Storj and get more usage. At least not without circumventing the IP range rules.

Even if you went that route, data ingress would still be slow, and it would take a long time for any hardware investments to pay off. Years.

This is why it is suggested to use hardware you already own, as new hardware will take a very long time to pay off.

There are many caveats to this, but that is the jist of it.

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I had read it again, I think I have read the entire forum already! but I don’t quite understand how it works.

Relatively simple. The satellite is a service provided by the Satellite Operator. It consist of several microservices and the distributed database(s). You need to attract customers to use your satellite and your service (so, basically you may offer a different price structure than Storj), you also will be responsible for attracting Storage Node Operators (SNOs) to whitelist your satellite (it will not be offered automatically by default, unless you will be in the Community Satellites List, and SNOs can subscribe to it), and of course, you need to pay to SNOs for their service.

At the beginning it likely will be free, until you round all edges and will feel yourself confident in your service.

So, it is a Business.

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I already have one business, doesn’t want to run another! Thanks for your explanation.

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