Compared with October why the registered accounts declined a lot at Nov?

Dear Storj fam,

Please tell me why all three satelites registerd accounts declined a lot? ( AP1, US1 & EU1 )

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it seen something happend, somebody know it?

It seems to me you are asking the wrong question. The better question is where did that anomalous spike in registrations come from in the first place?
It’s possible these accounts were abusive and the drop is simply Storj cleaning up the mess. But it seems unreasonable to ignore the massive increase and only focus on the decrease when clearly bot seem far out of the norm.


Hi Thanks for your insights sir.

Yes, it would be better if we know why there is an anomalous spike in registrations at the 27th Oct first, and then the decrease would be easier to undersdand.

In your opinion, you mean those accounts were abusive and maybe they were bots. That sounds reasonable!

But if the team can tell us the detailed information, would be very grateful!


We usually do not share customers’ related information, especially - details. So the question - why do you need to know details?

That one I can answer! :grin:

Hint, it is the same answer as with the question
“Why does STORJ have to be so transparent? Is that nothing burger token report not enough for you greedy people? That is a lot more than what other companies do!”

So the reason why he/she needs to know, is that he tries to figure out the state of the network. How much data is flowing in, do we get new customers, are there more nodes that compete with my node… the list goes on.

Now, that leads to the next question. Why does he/she even care about the state of the network? Easy, he/she does not have a guaranteed contract with STORJ. If he/she would get paid by a system like SIA, he/she could not care less. (I am NOT saying that SIA is the better system!)

That is why your “transparency” is not some random act of kindness.
STORJ employees sometimes act like this is hard to understand. I think that this act is a negotiation tactic. I don’t believe you guys are that dense :wink:


I just want to understand, how this irrelevant information could help to understand a state of the network?
We have a lot of free accounts, they cannot be used as a baseline, because they do not bring a revenue directly. Since we do not expose how much the proportion, the number of total accounts doesn’t make any sense.
But the Pareto principle is still applied, 80% gives only 20% of revenue, and 20% gives 80% of revenue. However, you never know, what part of proportion is fluctuated. The best guess - the non-profit part.

From the available Stat, I would never use the number of accounts for any guessing or projections.
This is my opinion.


Please abstain from posting fake quotes that are accusing Storj team members of calling our node operators “greedy” or similar derogatory terms which were never actually used in any statement by mods or admins here.
This is your second warning to be respectful of the community, including Storj team members. You know what will be the result if you keep ignoring our warnings to respect the community rules.



Who is acting like transparency is a random act of kindness or negotiating tactic?
Storj is open source.
Transparency is literally baked into open source at the ethos level.

But you know this so I won’t lecture.


This is completely missing the point.
Software being OSS has nothing to do with a business being transparent.
You know this.

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Two points. The OSS is not the same as open reports for revenue - yes.
Taking some actions to be as transparent as possible, if you actually a private company - is a very different story.

I would say, that I did not have a pleasure to work for a company, who such open. Include responding on such continues requests from the one very interested person (WHY?!), believe me, usually private companies NOT SO OPEN.
Yes, you may have fantasies… But you know… I’d like to be here. They do not hide anything. This is AMAZING. Never been a part of such company in my past…


Why are you so obsessed by the question, why @Renecca is interested in these numbers?
What are you implying? To me, it comes off as you imply some ill will to @Renecca.

Yes, STORJ is open with some things, nobody is denying that.
But I also have to tell you that I know open book companies and software products that are way more open. There are companies where you can look at every 5$ spent on new soap in the restrooms because they have a 100% open accounting.

And no, I don’t think that STORJ has to be that transparent!

I only think that STORJ acts like they are transparent, and after you take a closer look you will notice that they are not that transparent, which again, is totally fine, and a lot of other companies act the same way but then don’t sell me that transparency story.

Node operators care about the economics because they don’t get a fixed and promised price. You don’t offer any economics numbers, except the in your own words meaningless token report.

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If you think I missed your point, you are not understanding me.
There’s no use going in circles defining transparency.

Is there a specific piece of information about the company you are seeking?


If you think that I am seeking information, you are misunderstanding me.

Ok. It seems we are misunderstanding each other.

If there is information or assistance you are looking for on this topic, we are here to help.