Competition: Win storj!

I have some storagenode troubles detailed in the posts of Storage node to Satellite : I've lost this block, sorry

To win the prize, correctly guess the date of the first disqualification and name the satellite and the node (1 or 9) and post here i.e.
28th August, saltlake, storagenode9 (one guess only!)

The prize is all storj earned in August transferred to the address of your choice. This is just for FUN (so don’t edit your answer later lol) but if you have solution how to save storagenode1 you could put your reasoning.


I haven’t really read the thread, but here is my answer:
today (20.08.2020), saltlake, storagenode 1

21 Aug 2020, saltlake, storagenode1

The winner was 23 Aug, europe-north-1, storagenode9

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