Compile uplink go package to wasm

Hey you all!

I want to use the uplink library in the browser and found out that uplink-nodejs doesn’t support that. Has anyone here ever tried to compile the go package to wasm and use that in the browser?

Would be grateful for help on this!

If I haven’t missed anything, it’s not yet possible to use uplink in a web browser. This is the last post listing the steps pending to make it possible: JS library for the browser - #7 by jtolio

As far as I understand, currently the only way to use Storj in a web browser frontend is to use an S3 gateway, whether your own or the one hosted by Storj.


As mentioned in JS library for the browser - #7 by jtolio, the short answer is: there are browser limitations with regards to connecting to storage nodes, which make it difficult. Compiling the encryption and protocol code would be doable, but, managing the certificates and connection limits is problematic.

While it’s not ideal solution, it’s possible to create your own server as a proxy and calls uplink library.