Completely new node disqualified already?

Hello forum

I’ve recently taken a few nodes online. They were just for testing, so they are only on 500 GB.

The nodes are just a smidgen over 1 month old, but one of them got a disqualification already.

The nodes might be test nodes, but they are on SSD only storage on fast hardware on a dedicated IP - should not be any performance issues. Like so many else, they did have extreme ingress over the test, and as you can see, it’s already filled

Additional info:
I’ve onlined five identical nodes. The rest are also filled, but otherwise completely fine. I’m running docker on a spare 12 bay rack synology with 32GB of RAM, a modern quad core and no other load on the box

I think I have an answer. It seems like I two nodes with this very same ID. I don’t understand how this is possible, but here is the same node ID on a different machine in a different city - but also disqualified on a single sat.

Yep, this is absolutely whwat happned. The node in the screenshot above is a week older than the other one, but on a much more congested IP.

Seems like I have a BUG for the BUG PROGRAM :slight_smile:

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Did you reuse any of the identities?

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Nah, my money is on a reused identity.

Or you used the same email for the token. If you don’t activate the first node you will get the same token when using the same email address.


Yeah, I am fairly sure I reused identities, hence the same ID. I’ve tried this before though, it should not be possible to get the second node to connect. It should stay in an errornous “duplicate ID” state.

For the satellite it is exactly the same node with a different IP but lost data, thus - disqualification is inevitable.
The satellite cannot detect a duplication - the node could switch between IPs very often, but it can issue audits, which will detect this and disqualify this identity, no matter how many clones do you run.

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This is actually doesn’t matter. The authorization token is used to sign the identity. If it’s used, you cannot use it in the second time. But you may request another one. However, using the same identity and different authorization tokens will not create an unique identity - it will remain exactly the same.

Hello Alexey

Thank you. I’ll remove the younger of the two nodes. I generate a bulk list of identities and take them into use when needed. I must have messed up in where in the list i’ve reached

You may move the data from it to the other cloned node (without a replace), that could help it to survive.

Ahh, that’s a good idea. I’d have to significantly increase the size of the node, but that does not really matter. I wonder if I can do it in time, since it has taken me over a month now to realize my mistake.

I should be really fun to toy with :slight_smile: