Completion Receipts

Ok guys, I just complete GE for more than 20 nodes.
I have a huge amount of Completion Receipts, and I save them all.
How can I check payout for it?
/nodes removed/ but I still have all identitys

i think you will be paided with the rest of us something during the first or second week of next month, the last payout was the 8th i think… so just missed it.

pretty sure there isn’t any webdashboard or such to actually check your account…
tho there absolutely should be… i just don’t think anyone has thought about that yet.

keep in mind this is very much a developing project.
hang on to the identities tho… but i doubt you will need them, the amount you are owed should simply be transfered to your wallet during next payout.

I just want to check the numbers.
here is no any doubt.

i don’t think you can when the nodes are deleted…
but lets hear what @Alexey has to say on if you can check the “accounts” for Gracefully Exited nodes between exit and payout.

If you have identities - you can run storagenodes and have dashboards, however, it will show numbers from the satellites, i.e. what your node is submitted, but since you likely deleted all local databases you will not have an ability to compare with the local accounting.
I even not sure that satellites would submit the receipt to your nodes, since they are exited from the satellites. But it’s easy to check - run them somewhere at 15th of the next month.


By the way, you likely was unable to exit from US2, since it’s 4 months old, so if the owed sum would be lower than 4 times of transfer fee, you likely would not receive your money unless you opted-in for zkSync.
There are two possible solutions:

  1. You can receive a terminate payout via L1, if:
    1.1. You does not have any other nodes with this wallet
    1.2. You exited or DQ from all satellites
    Your nodes could be DQ on US2 after 30 days offline, this result to queue your terminate payout to the nearest payout period. It could be up to two months later from now.
  2. You can opt-in for zkSync and receive your payout in the nearest payout period independently of Minimum Payout Threshold on L1.
    For the last you need to enable zkSync for all identities and make them online to check-in on all satellites. This also could DQ your node on remained satellites, since you does not have data anymore.
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Wasn’t it recently said that these now also have to meet the threshold? I don’t think the distinction is made anymore on L1. So it’s like any payout, either meet the threshold or switch to zksync.