Concerning a potential VOD implementation


I’ve been keeping an eye on Storj since 2017 as an enthusiast but currently I’m thinking of using Storj to build a small VOD platform. I have a few questions that I’m trying to understand and could use the community’s help.

1)Since storj is decentralized and data is distributed around the world, would I still need a CDN to serve international viewers?

2)How does Storj handle scaling? If we have a high demand title, which may get high traffic at prime time from more than one country. What would the backend operation of such a peak demand scenario look like?

3)Are there any datasheets or 3rd party reviews which compare Storj performance against your nearest cloud services provider like Linode/AWS?

4)Does the Storj community have a Telegram/Matrix presence for IM conversations?

I’m sure I’ll have more questions as the project is still in very early stages.



Hello @vivek ,
Welcome to the forum!

  1. You would need a CDN, because if you would use either our Gateway MT or linksharing service, your customers will be limited to our several regions of presense (at the moment).
    Our services would be a multiregional soon.
    However, if you would write your own application/site to use our libraries or, you can avoid using a CDN, because your customers would download pieces from nearest nodes to their location.
    You also would need a CDN to handle the Https traffic, if you would use your own domain (recommended) and do not want to host your site yourself.
    Because when you use the own domain, you will get only http traffic. See

  2. The autoscaling function in the roadmap, so you would need a CDN again at the moment. However, we have a successful example one of our customers, who uses our linksharing service to provide something similar to VOD: Tribe Social | 100% Decentralized

  3. I do not think there’s any datasheets or 3rd party reviews which compare AWS/Linode with Storj DCS. Each developer made the own comparison for their use case. But we have some articles related to streaming video: Decentralized Video Storage & Streaming and case studies.
    We have also a general article regarding usage of decentralized platform:
    Hotrodding Decentralized Storage

  4. We don’t have chat/messengers (we’ve had them in the past - worst case for multiple product support) and don’t plan to in the future.
    We have this Community forum, it can work like a chat, it’s a real time platform. But unlike chats, it has a normal search function and a moderation function where the Community can easily moderate itself.


Thank you Alexey for the welcome and the detailed response. I’ve made a DCS account and I think I need to run some tests before I come back with more questions. :slightly_smiling_face: