Concerns and Indefinite Strike Regarding Operator Payments

So, it’s clear that you didn’t even read the starting post. We already have about 10% of the network, regardless of whether other members join. And don’t get us wrong, we really don’t want to harm the network, and we really hope that there will be no loss of client data, but since your managers have decided that “SNOs do not have problems with tariffs,” then we will have to express our thoughts with action.


Ah, decentralization, I get it.

Of course I read the op. And what I said is people will say they will join you, but in reality they will keep their nodes online to get the data you lose.

Again, if you somehow prove you can disrupt the network’s durability, it will just hasten customer traffic to move to the SOC2 side.shrinking the data on the public side and reducing your earnings more.

So, this is not constructive. The announcement even mentions that node operators can exit if they feel they cannot earn. Some SNO’s leaving is expected. Better to engage in the discussion in the main op and not threaten the network. It’s not productive.

Your text sounds like “we will continue to reduce tariffs until everyone leaves (we suggested leaving), and we will transfer the data to SOС2”


As i am not concerned about MY investments or ROI in storj hard and software,

I DO NOT SUPPORT THIS “Strike” NONSENS. I show my concern in other ways.

This does harm storj, and I would just ignore this blackmail attemp, ban the participating nodes, and move on.

Edit for @Willie : This is my oninion, and if i where an storage company at the level from storj you could misstake it as advice, but its not the case, so don’t pretend otherwise.

But i understand also the SNO who are a bit dissapointed, esp. large scale.


i join of course with my 1400 nodes. great event.


So switching of 2000+ nodes is not going to be noticed by the network, you will need closer to 4000 nodes offline, and ultimately that will be negative for the network, negative for the customers, bad for Storj and ultimately bad for public network SNO’s.

As a SNO I get the frustration, $2 per TB egress is not worth the expansion costs and running costs, but I would sooner get $2 instead of nothing due to a network shutdown and customers flocking to the private SOC2 - I appreciate that isn’t the same for everyone, but this sort of coordinated action would be bad for all of us in the long term, please reconsider.

You would also be walking into a situation where you will be identifying your nodes to Storj - you’ve set the time, they will be watching the nodes going offline, and you will be identified - that’s not a good thing really giving the code that’s been deployed on the Satellites for dealing with entire country’s or groups of tagged nodes going offline.

Maybe bring options to the other threads, I’m sure they will be open to hearing ideas.



Looks like a bunch of sno’s comin out of the woodworks… Where were they when the first price announcement came out??? That was the time to voice an opinion not cause a strike thats useless use of time.


Another attempt at manipulation from you and God, what nonsense about trying to make money… Any sane person understands this, understands that you won’t be able to earn anything from this. We are not threatening the network, we are for its development with all our hearts, but with your actions you are driving SNO into a corner and leaving no choice, we have no choice but to protest. We also want dialogue, but you only hear yourself. If you don’t need SNO, just say so. Why do you even mention decentralization if you don’t need it…

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The alternative appears to be go along with what Storj wants for now and allow Storj to set the time and manner of switching over to the commercial network.

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Don’t team up with other people
Support repression of resistance

Well done, you work for pennies in a dictatorship


This whole thread is about nothing. Don’t like new terms – shut down nodes, your “problem” solved. Keep paying for electricity and depreciation yourself.

Awwww, I want to continue receiving the same payments, my friends and I will turn off my nodes for a day that will show them! What are you, four?

“Resistance”, “strike”, “dictatorship” – holy shit what are you all smoking? Maybe check your CO detectors, this whole discussion is plain hallucinogenic.

Like terms – run nodes. Don’t like terms – don’t. I don’t see how you don’t like free money, so to me it’s you are just greedy and want to get even more free money. Tough luck, time to grow up and face the reality.

Just stop engaging with and responding to trolls.

And if they are serious – probably storj does not want such unhinged node operators with unreasonable demands that can “strike” out of woodwork.

I fully support your decision to shut down nodes. Please don’t turn them back on. But you know you will. You still want free money, don’t you.

This is disgusting. Mods shall just nuke the whole thread. Want to organize a strike – go do it on your own web site. Or just collect names of people who liked original post and ban their nodes. They want’ to leave - help them.


The reality is Storj is losing money and they are trying to find a way to stop that without raising customer prices. No business will stay around if it is not profitable. It’s just that SNO’s are bearing that burden.

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When prices were reduced for the first time, we were promised to compensate for the drop by increasing the volume of traffic. Also, there was a detailed explanation of why the Storj needs this economically. And now they just write “well, we reduced your salary by another 12%, this is nonsense, don’t worry”

This is not salary. This is not employer-employee relationship. You are independent contractor at best. Don’t like terms – leave.

Even if you were employee – you still can get salary cuts and you are still free to leave. Slavery has been abolished long time ago.

You cannot compel a company pay you more than what your services are worth to them. It’s that simple.


What’s up bro ?

Discussing how others will act based on your own opinion is so-so… Judging other people by yourself is counterproductive.
I’ll speak for myself… My storage grew by 80 TB in the last 30 days. I became constipated. In order for me to buy 80TB, I need to spend money on 4+ HDDs of 20TB each.
So, the storj doesn’t provide anywhere near such funds now.
Therefore, bro, what problems do I have to turn off my nodes if they are constipated? I have no place to put data that I would put from those who disconnected, but I would not disconnect if I promised it. But no, I don’t think all people are rats.

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Okay, SNO is not a business. But there are costs. This is not a hobby, and cannot be a hobby due to the operating conditions of SNO.
What do you think the average computer with SNO looks like, one that has 100% uptime and a unique address on the /24 network?

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Okay, maybe not salary but profit. What kind of free money are you talking about? Disks and other equipment cost money, wear out, and consume electricity and the Internet. The node puts a significant load on the disk, the GE is very slow, so stories about “free space” are complete nonsense. Not to mention that with the recent repeated problems with the software, administration also takes a lot of time; simply “forgetting the disk on the shelf” will no longer work.
And I repeat once again - no one sets out to cause damage to the network, the goal is to attract the attention of “effective managers” who are trying to squeeze out a couple more % of the already ridiculous costs on the backend and tell them that “everything is ok.” So far we see “yes, get out of here, we’ll move everything to SOC2 lol”


In any case, we need to continue discussing the future of our network. We have all invested a lot of time of our lives. We all need a clear understanding of where we are going. At the moment, we have no idea about the lab’s vision of the future of the network.

We only see announcements that tariffs are being reduced again, but assurances that profitability will remain unchanged are not confirmed.

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There were not such promise, you can’t promise to make sure there’s customers…

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