Config.yaml not consisent across multiple nodes

Hello again

I’ve got 10 nodes running evenly across two PCs using the Storj Node Toolbox. Tonight, I compared my config.yaml settings across all nodes with my documentation to make sure everything matched up (like wallet ID, etc.) Interestingly, my primary nodes on each PC “the main node” that I established on the PC first has more options in the config.yaml file than the subsequent nodes that were added. The two main nodes instances have significantly more options added (but commented out) than the other subsequent nodes added later to each PC.

Is updating config.yaml options a function of the storagenode.exe OR does some other function run as a byproduct of the upgrade process from the updater service? I have previously updated nodes by copying the storagenode.exe into the Program Files and wonder if this circumvented a process that would have properly updated the config.yaml options.

Looking forward to your help again and thanks!


Storagenode ignore komented options, so no difference in that. If you want use additional something, just add manualy.

Hey Vadim

And thanks for the great toolbox… its enabling full use of available hardware while managing risk and minimizing node costs. Love it!

I understand the commented options… but my concern is when the node activates one of those options through an upgrade.

It seems like config.yaml is not getting updated consistently across my nodes as Storj updates happen which creates lots concerns if we’re trying to build consistency. IDK is the inconsistency is from the way I’m running nodes with the toolbox OR did I circumvent the Updater service function by manually copying storagenode.exe overtop existing versions OR what?

I have MULTIPLE differences in about half of my 10 nodes… this inconsistency is coming from somewhere… I have one node that is completing missing the preflight.database-check option. All my nodes are running the same version of Storj at assessment time.

I thin it going from different initial versions, when thay updated no changes added anymore in config. as preflight check it is working by defalt as i know. I havent updated toolbox for long time, just tont have time now, as first chield is first year in school and got second 3 months ago. If you dont see some needed option in config, like db location just can add it manualy. I have long list ‘to do’ already also.