Configuring zkSync - need a confirmation

Hello! Thank you for your eply and I apoligze for my late late reply!


So, once i add the opt-into zkSync in my config file, thats all I have to do? I just open zkSync wallet, well, I hit open wallet, then I linked using metamask. After that, thats all I have to do, correct? Like the zkSync payments will still be sent to my ethereum address i have listed in the configuration file, which is the same address i linked to zkSync wallet.

have I done all this correctly? All i need to do now is to add the following to my configuration file…

operator.wallet-features: [“zksync”]

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Chad Winter

As soon as you configured zkSync and restarted your node - it will be applied, you can check it on your dashboard.

The next payout will be sent to the specified wallet address via zkSync, you can see transactions here: and if you connect your wallet to , you will see an amount and can withdraw it or send it.


Hi Chad, you do need to restart the node application after changing the configuration file, and depending on your setup and your familiarity with how it works, that can be a little counterintuitive. See here for more info: How to enable zkSync for payouts

If you check the dashboard as @Alexey suggests, and you don’t see the green “zkSync” notification on the “Payouts” line, that’s probably the reason.


Hi @Alexey, Hi @o1eal !! Thank You both for the information and many apologies. I should have posted another comment but, some things came up that I had to attend to with some urgency.

Yes, as soon as I added to my configuration, restarted, and checked the dashboard 3 days ago, I saw that payments were enabled. (in green letters on dashboard)

I love you all! AMAZING STUFF HERE!!! #STORJ