Confusion about coupon code


When I tried to add the coupon (Double Your Free Tier) code received in today’s newsletter, billing page asked my confirmation to remove the existing coupon my account already has (Free Tier Discount $1.65 off forever).

Does that mean, if I went ahead, would I have lost the free tier 150GB storage & 150GB bandwidth allocation per month ?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Hello @nayanasri ,
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The free tier will fall back into effect after the promo code expires. This promo code is better than current free tier.


The normal free tier will fall back into effect after the promo code expires. So you should add this new coupon to get double the GB on free tier now, and after the coupon expires you will be back to 50GB per project for the 3 default projects, or if you would like to continue using more storage space and bandwidth, you could add enough STORJ token to cover the amount you need and file a limit increase request on our helpdesk, or get upgraded automatically to Pro Account limits (25TB storage and 100TB bandwidth for each project) if you add a credit card.


Looks like it doesn’t allow you to apply two discount codes at the same time

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only one coupon can be active at a time, so yes you will need to delete the default coupon in order to activate the promo which will give you a better deal than the free tier default. After the promo expires, the free tier coupon should be reapplied


Hey there I’m from India and don’t have a credit card but international debit card and I got promoted to pro account with the same debit card so is it going to work or gonna crush kindly let me know thank you!

Hello @middya-codes,
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If your usage would be greater than a free tier coupon, our system will try to charge your default payment method. If it would reject a payment, your account likely will be suspended until you resolve an issue.
So, make sure, that you have enough funds on your debit card, especially in the first two weeks of every month, or use a credit card instead or STORJ tokens.


Where can I buy storj coin , storj can’t auto deduct from my debit card it needs otp for it

You don’t need to buy any coin/token/crypto. Some banks in some countries DO NOT allow buying crypto with your Credit or Debit card.

When you exceed your FREE tier limits, your account will be charged an amount equivalent in USD (United States Dollar). Just to see if your debit card works, I would like to suggest you to try to add $10 to your account.

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Usually banks trust to some companies to charge your card without OTP, like, AirBNB, etc., Stripe is a known payments processor too. So, if you have sufficient funds on your card - it can be used for payment.
However, banks sometimes configure cards with limits like: does not allow online charges like this, or limit to specific countries, etc.

This will not allow to check is debit card chargeable or not, because STORJ balance will be used next to the coupon, see Debits Against Payment Methods - Storj DCS Docs

there are several methods, you may sometimes buy directly on exchanges: Storj price today, STORJ to USD live, marketcap and chart | CoinMarketCap, some wallets allow you to buy crypto with your card too.


I understand $1.65 will be used but at least OP can see balance as $11.65. This will confirm if DC can be used for the account. It will also help clarify if OTP is requested while adding $10 or it just goes through after entering CVV without the need for OTP.

Here’s what google showed me.


Article published on Wednesday, September 7, 2022.

If OP does decide to buy the token then OP should contact the bank for the same. The worst case is that the bank account (linked to DC) could be frozen (6 months) till the “issue” is resolved. (This is based on what I have read in the news articles)

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balance is showed only for STORJ tokens, coupons are not included, so balance will be displayed as $10 + 10% (bonus) = $11
These payments methods all different, and handled differently.

I did not get, how it would allow to check the chargeability by Stripe. Debit card may be configured by bank to allow online purchases but not for charges.

I would repeat - all three methods are completely different, they are independent of each other and can be applied separately and/or sequentially.
I see only one way to check - is to add a debit card to the account and have a usage greater than a free tier coupon value, but not less than $2, because some cards have a minimum chargeable amount.
If the invoice would be paid in the next month, then Debit card is working.
But if you would have a STORJ balance, then Debit card will not be charged unless the total usage would be greater than a coupon value and STORJ balance altogether, so the experiment would need to have a usage much more than in the first case.

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I am sorry, you are as always correct. My explanation was about usability of DC and to see if it allows USD transactions.

I assumed the “add funds” feature was relevant to non token payments too. Just like Amazon wallet where I can “add funds” to wallet. To check whether a DC/CC would work or not, I can add $10 to my “Amazon wallet”.

It would seem a feature like Storj wallet for fiat payments can also be provided to customers. A user can get notified if funds go below a threshold.

Is there any reason why such feature is not available ?

Because we doesn’t provide wallets at all. Deposit != wallet as you may know.
In case of payment methods, there are only 2:

  • STORJ deposit
  • Credit Card (sometimes Stripe accepts Debit cards too, but not prepaid)

So, there is a notification about limits exhausting, but not funds exhausting. This feature is not implemented yet.
However, the freeze feature is implemented and has been enabled a while ago. If your default payment cannot be charged, you will receive this notification from Stripe (so, yes, this works only for CC at the moment), the next notification would be from the satellite, that the account can be frozen, if no valid payment method will be added in the specified time interval.
If account got frozen, you may unfreeze it by adding a valid payment method (for CC it wouls unfreeze automatically, but for STORJ it’s requires file a support request at the moment).
So, feature is not implemented in full yet. See our roadmap: Storj Network Roadmap · GitHub


I’m too new in this can anybody of you provide me 50 gigs of storage for now till I figure out a credit card from my bank

The free tier is only 25GB storage, 25GB-mo egress and 10,000 segments.
You can add STORJ tokens on sum not less than $10 to upgrade to PRO, while you figuring out options with your bank.

You may also add your card right now and upgrade to PRO limits, it will not be charged if your usage is below a free tier.

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:smiling_face_with_tear::smiling_face_with_tear:I can understand everything but it’s not easy to buy storj like crypto currency in india

You may run a storage node and use your account’s deposit address as payment address of your storage node. In this way you will get paid in Storj tokens and pay for your usage. Also remember you cant withdraw the Storj tokens from your account’s deposit address.


Thats a great idea thankyouuu

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If you get stuck at any step just create a new thread and you will get your issue resolved :slight_smile: Good luck.

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