Connecting to EU1 bucket via S3 creds - certificate error

I’m trying to connect via MSP360 Explorer (or Cyberduck) to one of my EU1 buckets with S3 credentials I have just created and I’m getting an error on both apps saying certificate error. I’ve tried fresh credentials too and same thing…

The certificate looks to be valid with dates of 15/11/22 to 13/02/23 but these apps both give me the same error.

I’ve tried different wifi networks and clearing/changing DNS.

Any ideas? Perhaps someone can reproduce?

if it helps I have created a new account on the US1 satellite and get the same error using S3 credentials on MSP360 and Cyberduck. Not sure if a Storj issue, MSP360 Explorer issue or a me issue…its probably a me issue xD

Is there more detail to the error message, other than just certificate error?

Nope - tried it on my desktop though and its woorking do can’t be a Storj issue!