Container out of storage

I run my node in a proxmox LXC container. My container has its own 8 GB boot disk but stores all of the storage folder in a separate 4 TB drive. I’ve noticed that my 8 GB drive has filled up and this is what df -h returns, how can I clean this up?

perhaps you affected by

If it’s not that issue or you’re still running into low disk space after cleaning up, try docker system prune that will clean up all no longer used images and other stuff.

If you have ncdu installed then you can run ncdu -rx / to analyze your storage and determine where the bulk of the data is.

If you don’t have it and you can’t install it because your disk is full, you can construct a pipeline using tools that should be installed by default on modern Linux distributions. Try this:

du -x / | sort -n | tail -20

I’ve also found that /var/lib/docker/vfs/dir contains a ton of file ranging from 244K-17MB and going to 3.7 GB, what can I do about these files?

I stopped and deleted all my images for watchtower and the storagenode and reran them, but these files are still here and I don’t know their importance.

Please, do not touch files directly.
Use the docker system prune command to clean up the system