Container Station and Qnap


I have been trying for several weeks to get Storj to work from my QNAP nas. I have done everything written on this page: Storage Node - Node Operator

But when I run the container I have several errors:

I do not understand at all where this can come from. I have started all over again from the beginning several times, and I still have the same errors …

I think I solve the problem by doing this …

But I have another problem !

" ERROR Failed preflight check. {“error”: “system clock is out of sync: system clock is out of sync with all trusted satellites”, “errorVerbose”: "system clock is out of sync: system clock is out of sync with all trusted satellites\n\*LocalTime
).Check:96 "

My Qnap time is synchronized via . Do I have to change this setting? And what should I put in its place?

Or is the solution elsewhere?

Hi there, welcome to the Storj community!

From your first screenshot, it looks like the node is not able to access the storage directory. Maybe it’s good to check if the path you provide to the docker run command is valid.
In terms of the preflight check failure, it also could mean there’s some network issue that your node is not able to reach the satellites at all.
It seems like we should try to fix the startup error first and then see if you have network issue

Hello @qech ,
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Seems you created folders manually instead of run the setup step: Storage Node - Node Operator
This step is required to be run once with the correct paths to your identity and data - it will create all needed folders structure, file storage-dir-verification and config.yaml.
The first error points that the file storage-dir-verification doesn’t exist.

If you did setup once, the node should run normally.