Contributing code to Storj

Hello Storj Community :slight_smile:

I am quite new to project, but i am really interested in the idea of decentralized object storage.

Would love to contribute to this project and can’t wait to get my hands dirty :slight_smile: . Although there’s brief code contributing guideline in the github repository (readme file). But would appreciate if you guide me towards additional resources so that i can get started with it faster.


hi @madguy im the community manager here, just shoot me a DM

I think a good starting point is storj-sim. That allowes you to run a small little test network at home and you can develop against that. The storj-sim setup might be a bit outdated. I would say we appreciate your feedback or even better just submit a PR to improve it.

In any case I am happy to help you setting up your storj-sim environment.

Hi Jocelyn,

I am unable to figure out the DM capability here, a little help would be appreciated

Click Jocelyn’s avatar and a small pop up will have a button Message. Click it and send your message/DM.

@nerdatwork Yeah, i was looking for that initially but for some reason, it’s been disabled or turned off, I am unable to see that blue button Message.

oh, thats just because youre a new member. its a spam setting that goes away when new members move to trust level 1. Trust Level 1 is attained pretty easily by:

  • Entering at least 5 topics
  • Reading at least 30 posts
  • Spend a total of 10 minutes reading posts

That said, im not going to make you jump through hoops – I just mentioned it in case other folks wondered if this is a bug or not. i’ll DM you myself

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Hey folks, in case anyone else here is also interested in contributing to the project, I’ve started that conversation internally. I think it will require that we look at the roadmap and figure out which parts can be externalized, so its conversation with several internal stakeholders.

it will take me a little time to return with an update, because the launch took a lot of energy and effort, but we’ll be talking soon about this. THanks as always

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I think localization of the website should become a top priority.