Copying a node to another computer

I know I need all of my node folder(eg the folder I mounted while starting my node), but what else do I need exactly?

You need to copy the data for the two mount points (identity, appdata). The docker run command can be used on the new machine after those data directories have been copied/ mounted to the new machine.


There is a network wipe planned soon. If you’re not in a hurry, wait until the wipe has happened. You’ll have a lot less data to copy and a lot less down time as a result.

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While the storage node is still running? That is the best way to get disqualified :wink:

I can shutdown the node.

You can find the solution to this question here

Not if you use rsync (or similar) and do it in multiple steps - only the last step requires the node to be stopped, most of the data can be copied with the node running.


Pentium’s got it! Nowhere did i mention while it was running, but i could see how someone with little experience might try it. I think Helene wins the solution to this one. Is there a way to concede ‘solution’ or does OP chose that?