Corrupted database

I don’t need historic data. Can I delete *.db in my storage dir and start again my node?

you can move it to some sub folder and start, if all ok, then delete old.

so if I have a Jbod is a waste of money to buy an UPS. If I corrupt a database after a shortage it’s not a great problem. I’m not going to lose nothing

jbod… Did you create a RAID0 pool? If so, with one disk failure your node will gone.
If it managed corrupt databases, it likely corrupt pieces, what is your suspension and audit scores?

You will lose data. “Data” can be “some minor block nobody will read ever” or it can be “entire filesystem”.

Buy a UPS. Don’t be penny wise pound foolish.

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No raid jbod. One to one configuration.
If everything stop for electricity shortage maybe I will lose some pieces and some db will be corrupted nothing more. I never lost entire filesystem for a hdd shutdown.
The question is: not too risky to run without UPS?

It’s up on you, but 5% of loss is enough to be disqualified.
I personally run Raspberry Pi without any UPS though.