Corrupted files? Synology Hyper Backup

Hi folks,

i am using since a longer time already Storj for the backup of my Synology nas.
I am also operator of 7 nodes.
Since a week ago Hyper Backup detected in it’s weekly scheduled integrity check corrupted files on the target destination.
Since this day I’m not able to do a scheduled Backup with this destination.

This is the error message from the Hyper Backup:

Backup task was unable to run due to errors found at the backup destination.
The following shared folders or files were found broken in the latest integrity check and cannot be restored.
(cut out by me)
There may be other broken files which were not detected this time.

I am using the via S3 as my backup location.

How can i verify if the destination is really corrupted or how could I get more logs also from the Storj side?

Thanks in advance!

I’ve had this happen when backing up to a local device once too. You should still be able to restore data.

Synology doesn’t provide a lot of logs unfortunately. But you can check whether all files can be downloaded without problem using filezilla. It’s not really possible for data to get corrupted while stored on Store, so if you can download it, you are definitely getting the same file back that was uploaded. This is because the Reed Solomon encoding would detect corrupt pieces and not use them to reconstruct the file.

It won’t really solve your problem though. You’ll have to restore whatever data you want to keep and recreate the backup task.


Thanks for the response.
I was indeed able to restore the files from Storj without any issues.
Quite sad at the end that i needed to create the whole Hyper Backup with more than 1TB again with loosing my file history but at the end now it works again.

Hi, I’m just curious how to use FileZilla to view/restore individual files? For my understanding, it’s Synology proprietary file format?
Thank you!