Corrupted order detected in orders file

    Corrupted order detected in orders file#011{"error": "ordersfile corrupt entry: ordersfile: 
    unexpected EOF"

I thought this error whould have been fixed by this version.

Also I am seeing error": "ordersfile: proto: can't skip unknown wire type 7"

How to fix?

What is the version of your node ?

It is 1.15.3 and this posting must be at least 20 characters.

since you have had issues with orders

you might want to check /storj/orders/archive and unsent
and check that you don’t have large amounts of rejected orders or orders that are over 48hours old…
since it can block your traffic.

so might be worth checking… when the other thing is fixed…

I updated to v1.16.1 now and saw new logging about orders being processed. So it seems that this version is attempting to fix it. Will check if it has been resolved.

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I’m running the v1.16.1 and I still have the errors. And the storagenode is keeping restarting… That start to happen since the update to that version

Here goes the logs:

2020-11-12T17:07:35.336Z WARN ordersfilestore Corrupted order detected in orders file {“error”: “ordersfile corrupt entry: unexpected EOF”, “errorVerbose”: "ordersfile corrupt entry: unexpected EOF\n\

Check if this helps: With version 1.16.1 2nd node not working