Cost vs Profit?

Last month (July) I kept a seperate PC running a Storj node online for 24/7. It used about 400GB of traffic and 290GB of storage space. Since it is a bonus period, my node’s earning should have been multiplied by 4. So my current earning, multiplied by 4 is… 11 Storj worth.

Current Storj price is $0.17 , so 11 Storj is = $1.87

By my calculations, the PC which runs the node used about $12 worth of electricity.
So if we take the hardware for free, internet for free, the time I used to setup, maintain and upgrade the node also for free. Then only pay the electric bill, It is 10 times more expensive to run a a Storj node 24/7 for a month than it actually pays out (even multiplied by 4).

Please explain: How is Storj profitable for node owners?

By using spare space on hardware that is already online 24/7 or lower powered hardware. I think your node also received less data and traffic because it was still being vetted. Also keep in mind that the first 9 months part of your payout is being kept in escrow. The first 3 months that’s 75%. Only 25% is paid out.

That said, my earnings were about $30 before surge and escrow. I have a 12TB node on a 500/500mbit connection and as mentioned use a NAS that would have been online anyway. So it’s all bonus for me. You’re not going to get rich of your node, but it’s a nice bonus.

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Think about it this way if your running say a gaming rig for 24/7, Saying high end desktop with gpu inside it, You want to try to run a system that is going to also be power efficient in all cases. With no extra hardware inside a machine that is gonna add more power being used. My Node is running 35watts full load, to me this isnt alot since one of my gaming rigs uses about 500watts under full load so if I was using this rig as a node it wouldnt be cost efficient to do this, So keep that in mind of that was well.

I run it via a VM on my vSphere instance. The server overall uses 200-250W with maybe 20-30W of that being due to the Storage Node software. As others have stated, it’s more meant for spare space on 24/7 hardware or lower powered hardware than anything else. I think the key thing is that most people who are confused see this as similar to (if not the same as) mining, which it’s not. Traffic is not a constant and should never be treated as such. I’m running the node purely because I have the space and hardware to spare. If I make good money in the end, Hey nice bonus! If I don’t, I’m not out anything really more than I would’ve been anyways considering 30W extra load over 15 months only adds 324kWh to my electric bill over 15 months. In Winter, my electric usage dips sharply so no skin off my back.


I run my node on a server thats already running 24/7. So all i added was some older hdd that I have to renew in a near future.
As said before. Your node is probably still in vetting phase and thats why your low data hence low payment.

Im out of vetting so what i make now is the same that i should got without escrow and well so far it pays for the electricity :+1:

In July I got what would be worth 50W power consumption with 4-5x surge payout and 3TB space.
(Remember this is still with a lot of escrow being held back)

So with the current btc and storj prices I would be good running my small homeserver (Ryzen 2400G with 4 HDDs). It is of course different once the surge payout is gone, then it would only be worth 10W, which is still enough to pay a PI that might be running anyway.

But as others mentioned, my PC is running 24/7 anyway and the additional load storagenode puts on it doesn’t cost too much.

I run my node on a Synology 2419+ NAS that’s already online 24/7 performing various tasks. Only thing I’m having to put money into is a better firewall as mine keeps resetting the connection at times due to the amount of packets. It was necessary anyways and will give me a cell backup when the internet goes down.

Which FW do you have now and then which one you looking to move to ?

Ubiquiti USG-Pro. I’m switching to a Datto D200 with cell backup.

btw when is the next pay day :stuck_out_tongue: