Could you run an Ethereum node and store it on Storj?

I know it would be slow, but would it work?

I guess it should be possible if you have enough bandwidth on your connection….
Why don’t you try it out and tell us? :slight_smile:


I’m just worried the bandwidth would cost lots. Also, rclone isn’t very good. It’s slow and I would need some way of mounting it.

You may mount a bucket with rclone mount.
If the Etherium node doesn’t use special filesystem features, it may work.

At least a bitcoin node requires a lot of random i/o, especially when syncing, it is slow on a hard drive, it would be even slower on Storj.
Ethereum node is probably the same way.

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Rclone is very slow, and often doesn’t work. Any alternatives?

Bearing in mind that Ethereum is recommended to run on an SSD, I doubt you’d ever find any remote storage that would perform well enough.

I know, I just wanted to try it.

you may try it. However, if your upstream bandwidth is less than 25 Mbit, then you need to configure an s3-compatible integration in rclone.
of course, you can also use How to connect s3fs to Storj DCS - Storj DCS Docs or Mountain Duck.

But you need to try every option and make your own conclusions.

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I’ve looked into this a bit more, and I’ve had some thoughts: a node could be good. Get the profits of the node and use it to pay for the storage and keep any profits. I’ll give it a go and see how it goes. The only reason I’m opting for Chia is that you have upwards of 30 seconds to retrieve the .plot file, which is used for validating, which should be plenty of time to get the file. Though, the file can be pretty big (>100GB), so I’m not sure how it’ll go. I’m using a Raspberry Pi, so I needed to use something that doesn’t require a lot of computational power.

See Chia mining looks profitable? FORGET IT, if you was ther not in the begining, no way can win it - #53 by BrightSilence and the follow-up messages.


Ouch. Nevermind then.