Could you show me some data about Tardigrade?

Can you show me some data about the Tardigrade? business stats. something like how many customers using Tardigrade, how many files have been stored. and how much money has been paid? Do you have something like that?

**We don’t have a dashboard or publicly available display of business statistics. We share high-level stats including the number of users, the number of SNOs, the network capacity, amount of data stored, and in addition, publish the quarterly token report which includes details on the use of the token. All payout information is also publicly available on the blockchain.

We strive for transparency but also have to balance that goal with the needs of operating the business. Hopefully between the presentation and the Q&A you’ll get most of the information you want.**

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Thank you for responses :slight_smile: Time flies when you are having fun! This concludes the time allotted for the hosted portion of the Q&A, and we’ll be closing out the threads shortly.

Thanks again for being with us during Town Hall

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