Create a big storage with multiple HDs

Hello, I wanted to ask you if you know any way to do this: I have many disks of 500GB and 1TB, which I would like to “join” in order to have a large hard disk, I know that I can use LVM for example and “join” all the disks there, but I need something else, what happens if a hard drive fails? all my LVM is going to fail. So is there anything that allows me to join all these hard drives and make a great drive safely?

don’t join the hard drives and instead run multiple nodes, one per drive. start with one node on one drive, get it vetted then when nearly full start a second node. Then if one node fails not all drives are affected. All nodes behind one public ip address act as one visible node to network.


I understand your explanation, but I have already found my solution Storage Spaces in Windows 10

My idea is to have a large pool of disks with some security (redundancy in case of failures) on that to create virtual machines with storj nodes.

This is what I do with 8 mixed HDDs ranging from 750GB to 3TB. I just run a single node on the “array” though, but with redundancy enabled. Works pretty ok, in the start I had the feeling of it being slow and the HDDs being sort of busy, but the nodes I run on single disks are quite busy as well.

So yeah, why not just spare the hassle of running multiple nodes?

A 500GB drive is too small to set up a node. By recommendations you need at least 10% more than 500GB for one node.

I haven’t used them myself, but I’ve seen some comments on bad performance of storage spaces, example, another. I suspect it will work ok, but be careful.

Just a side note: make sure you won’t pay for electricity too much, and that your setup isn’t too loud for you and has proper cooling. For most purposes drives of this size aren’t economical to run for disk arrays anymore—this is the reason they’re so cheap in bulk.

LVM will survive, as will any volume with an adequate redundancy. I’ve seen two LVM deployments survive a disk failure, it just works.