Create an Access Grant permission type 'map only'

Following from here.

I believe for most users at one point it gets interesting to see where the data pieces are actually stored and share this information.
Once Storj DCS is HIPAA and/or GDPR compliant this could also help to prove compliance of storage location.
However even if somebody is willing to share the locations of a file, it does not necessarily mean that he wants to share additional file data (size, name) or even the file itself.

Currently it seems impossible to only share the map even though the feature is available:

When changing the argument from ‘map’ to ‘download’, the maybe unintended download of the file is possible.

So it would be really good to have an Access Grant permission that gives only access to the map so users can show off the locations a bit, which I think is fun. ( I also think this would be a very interesting feature for services like or Filebase, if their user would be able to see the location of their stored files. )

Edit: And as I thought of it, maybe this goes vice versa as well: Maybe sometimes you would like to share a file but not where it is located. So not adding this kind of permission would then prevent creating a map.


i like this idea! will flag to the product manager