Creating content, what do folks here crave? (videos, tutorials, interviews, karaoke?)

hi, Ive been working for a while on additional content for the community.Some in the form of tutorials, some as interviews, and some thats video.

My question is, what kind of content are people interested in? I always want to be helpful not spammy. It seems to me that as a technical person, there are stories and clips around deepdives and how-tos that are always popular. What kind of stuff do people want right now? Im thinking people right now are looking for cool stuff, so I would like your help is striking the right balance between interesting and technical, without being overly dry.

Would you like to see projects? or would you prefer more interactive features, like a group collaboration or contest?

I have an interview with @keleffew that Im editing and will put up soon (probably on Thursday) where we’re talking about use cases, and I have an interesting interview on macaroons schedule for another week. Im also working with @kmazurkovic on a video tutorial for QNAP. I have more ideas as well, but want to hear from you… since the while point is to spend time making things the our audience will love.

Let me know what you are watching, listening and tinkering with. And we will try to produce some stuff you will like.

Thanks and wash your hands <3


oh – and also its my CakeDay today !! I have been in this version of the forum for exactly one year , woo hoo!


Congratulations Jocelyn!!!

I remember that time when you invited me to beta test this forum… omg! one year is gone! :slight_smile:


Its really wild how time flies, right?

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From my point of view, many people interesting of tutorials (video tutorials, spet-by-step tutorials). For example, at this moment we have binary for FreeBSD, but not have tutorials… (I know, persons who use FreeBSD no need tutorials :slight_smile: ) but tutorials for FreeNAS is nice to have.
Another type of content, is documentation or video meeting for developers (like town halls) but focused on technical details, “how to work with…” For example, I like a video with the InfluxData team and Storj Team, if you add more technical details to this video it will be superior!

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Absolutely! But it really a good time!

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@odmin I’ll go ping my friend (and counterpart) at Influx now , and will report back!

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You can’t just mention karaoke in the title and not go into it. I feel like you owe us a video of some of the Storjlabs singing talent now because of that tease. :joy:

Video tutorials or video explainers would be really good. I think NAS specific ones are a great place to start as soon as app connectors become available. For both ends of the equation (storagenode and Tardigrade). As for explainers. I’ve frequently gone back to earlier blog posts to look up the details of how a file is split into segments, which are then split up stripes of which erasure shares are made and those are recombined into pieces. A video explainer of just a minute or 2 to explain that process with visuals would be cool.

Basically this image as a video with voice over.
Similar things could be done about for example garbage collection, reputation systems uptime/audits, macaroons. Keep em short and simple. There is some really clever tech in this software and these would serve as both a show case of that and a simple way for interested people to learn more.

Of course the karaoke video has priority over all of that though. :wink:


Yes I love that image! I had invited @moby to do exactly this - an audio voiceover. Becuase he expalins it really clearly and is also the person who made the animation. It was on the calendar for January, but then town hall took over, and I wasnt able to book the time with him during my visit to his branch office. I will reahc out to him again. Thanks for the idea @brightsilence


You only say that bc youve never heard me sing. Ive been assured by experts that people would pay me a lot of money to stop singing haha


Ok I just talked to Moby and we will put sometthing together thats short and sweet in April. (he didnt have time until after next week because of preexisting commitments) thanks again for the suggestions!


Im editing some material now, a chat on Use Cases. Will post Thursday!