Creating identity to move

Hi Everyone,

I’m just starting to look into storj now and get a few nodes set up. I’m a little bit confused about how the identity works and I’m hoping someone here can give me a hand. I’m trying to build the identity on one PC and then transfer it over to another PC later on. I’m not sure if I should confirm the identity on the first PC or wait to confirm it on the PC where the node will be running. Any advice would be awesome.

Thank you!

That will work just fine. Whether you authorize the identity on the first computer or the second, you can transfer the identity files to the second computer without issue.

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Yep, I generate all of my identities on a computer that has an i7 core CPU and then transfer them over to the machines that run the nodes, mainly raspberry pis and small SBC with Celeron CPUs. It only takes between 1-3 hours on the i7, where as it could take a day or two on a raspberry pi. Cutting and pasting to a usb stick and transferring over to the lesser CPU machines works just fine.

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