Creating new node and X509: certificate signed by unknown authority


I have problem with starting my new second node. There’s problem with certificate authority. Can anyone find solution for my problem? Last forum topics didn’t help me. I looked too on my first node using docker inspect storagenode, settings are looking the same except file location but problem still occurs.

I would be thankful for your help.

Did you authorize the identity?

Yes. When i used grep commands it gave me 2 and 3.

Please show the output of the command:

docker pull storjlabs/storagenode

Please, stop and remove the storagenode container and run it back with all your parameters:
Make sure that you updated your docker run command with new parameters.

I would like recommend to run a watchtower to update your storagenode automatically next time:

Have done that a lot of times without any effect. I’m really helpless.

Please, use this image for your node for a while:

I hope the next image will be build correctly and you can replace the tag to the latest.

Yeah. Problem was fixed after update. Thank you for help.

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