Crust Network opinion

heya, just came across this new data storage competitor called Crust Network. Just wondering if anyone has a view on how thats gonna affect storj’s economy?

Seems its really cheap to store on Crust currently

I think it serves a completely different purpose. They rely on IPFS for storage and replication for protecting data. I saw that the average number of replications is 27. That’s a huge expansion factor. Might be ok for storing smaller files, but it will lack the benefits of parallel transfers and efficient storage that Storj uses.

I also said this elsewhere, but decentralized competitors are less of a competitor than the centralized ones are. They hold all the customers. As it stands I think Storj can take over a lot of use cases currently served by the centralized players. From my brief look, I don’t think I can say the same for Crust, which seems to aim more at very specific use cases.

I’d say the impact on Storj is very low.