exchange 'Travel Rule'

Hello guys,

Couple of days ago i have received my second payment in exchange, which i have set to avoid fees.

But now exchange is asking me to provide information about digital wallet addresses i receive deposits from and i get redirected in faq here

which asks me to declare that this address belongs to me. Does anyone here have the same problem? What should i do?

Well, it seems you should likely verify that this is indeed the law that applies to you as a customer of, and then follow the law, that is, identify Storj Inc. as the origin of these funds. Any other advise would probably be immoral.

yeah but the problem is

  1. I can’t input storj as source of funds (there is no such option)
  2. I am forced to declare that the address from which the funds are coming from is mine which i can just click ok to but it isn’t true at all…

I am sorry that we cannot help you with exchange issues. However, exactly this type of complication is why we always caution against using any centralized exchange address as your payout address rather than having payouts sent to a wallet that you control the private keys of yourself.

I would recommend changing your payout address asap to a wallet you control yourself, and hope that other node operators will take this as a warning against using exchange addresses themselves. They may have worked just fine in the past, but more and more jurisdictions are starting to implement stricter rules now which lead exchanges to change their requirements for allowing deposits and withdrawals from their platform.


Are you sure that the terms under which you are using this exchange allow you to accept payments from other people?


I have seen other exchanges implement address ownership verification and while some allow you to identify someone else as the owner of the address, I’m not even sure that would work here as the origin on L1 is the zkSync smart contract, which isn’t owned by Storj either. I second @heunland’s advise to use your own address, but I would add to suggest considering zkSync while you’re at it and getting a 10% bonus. That’ll cover the additional transaction costs if you wait a bit to withdraw.