Current Month Earnings shrunk

Yesterday gui wrote, that current month earning was 1.94$, but today i see it showing 1.83$. Is this normal?

What section of the GUI are you looking in? In the ‘Payout Information’ tab, on the line that says ‘Estimated Payout (At the end of the month if the load keep the same for the rest of the month)’ ?

If so then yes it’s normal for the estimate to change. It tends to get more accurate closer to the end of the month… because it’s not guessing into the future so many days.


On the main page in left bottom


That could be related to the used space gap on the dashboard. I would expect that this data gap also impacts the payout estimation. Real payout shouldn’t be affected.

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This shouldn’t be calculated locally, but returned by satellite…

Well the problem is the data that gets returned by the satellite… So no it should be calculated locally and work even if the satellite might not return some data that is meaningless for the final payout anyway.

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