Custom user profile pictures appeared, would you use your own face?

Custom user profile pictures appeared, would you use your own face?

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Yes, and I wish we could.
Makes it more personal.

No, my face is not on the internet, at least not attached to my name (there could be photos where I am in the background or whatever, I don’t know) and I intend to keep it that way.

But you can. There is a wordpress/gravatar option. Or does it only appear later?

Since I have my real name on my github page and a profile with a picture on a website for business relationships (or something like that), it doesn’t take much to use google and connect those :smiley:
So I actually could have just used my real face in here too but I kind of prefer not having faces on most services and also not use it in github either.
I’m not using facebook either or any other of those service where people present themselves on the internet. (And gladly I grew up in a time where parents didn’t put every picture and video of me on the internet :smiley:)

Oh, God I can’t even put down in words just how utterly evil I think Facebook is.
Best thing I did was delete (if such a thing is actually even possible) my profile 7 years ago. Good riddance!


I’ve tried for a while to keep my real life identity and “BrightSilence” separate. But I’ve kind of given up on that. On this forum I’ve linked to my personal github several times already. So I don’t go for a strict separation anymore.

Quick googling probably won’t find you the link though. You’d most get results these days for the band “the Bright Silence” which is not related to me. I used the name before they existed. Though I kind of dig their music. :slight_smile: Found out about them when they asked if they could have my twitter name. Uhh, nope. :slight_smile:

But no, I wouldn’t usually use my face for my BrightSilence accounts. I’ve made some specific logos for that which I use in different places. I think it’s more recognizable anyway.