Customer pricing discrepancies in ToS


According to the website in relation to Pro Account:

  • Storage is $4 per TB per month however ToS mentions $0.010 per GB equaling $10 per TB.
  • Similarly, egress bandwith on the website is $7/TB while $0.045 per GB equaling $45 per TB on the ToS
  • According to the website Pro Accounts “Get 150 GB of free storage and bandwidth”. This is not mentioned in the ToS.

Also, there is conflicting information on the website in relation to the per-segment fee. Somewhere the first 10,000 segments are free and some other places mention 50,000 free segments. On the other hand, ToS does not mention any free segments.

Can someone please help me understand these differences?


Hello @sherlock ,
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Thank you for noticing and your post! I’ll invite teammates to take a look.

This is promo. I do not think we should update ToS for each promo. But I would ask anyway, thanks!

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I’m new to, and wasn’t even completely aware this was a promo. I noticed the lack in the ToS when I reviewed. Is the 150GB free for the life of the promotion, or for the life of accounts created in a promotion or… ?

I don’t think the ToS itself needs to be updated for each promo, but the terms around a promo should be clearly displayed (and maybe I just missed it, that is possible!)

Hello @thedaveCA ,
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Right now this promotion is offered to all new customers. It’s stated as “forever”.
However, it doesn’t change back for the older customers accounts. But you can request to update your old free tier limits (3 projects, 50GB of storage and 50GB of egress each, 150GB/150GB in total) to a new one (1 project 150GB of storage and 150GB of egress).
Promos are rarely mentioned in ToS. You can always check our documentation, our site and our blogs for updates.

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