Customer vs. synthetic usage graphs?

When we see graphs like this in Grafana

…are the blue constant-slope portions the artificial load Storj is adding… and the vertical jumps/drops when real customers upload or delete files?

And then the sharp drops in the green/free line are maybe when large providers take batches of nodes offline for maintenance or downtime or something? Interesting to keep an eye on!

According to this post, all data on US1, EU1, AP1 are real customer data and Saltlake contains test data: Update Proposal for Storage Node Operators - #704 by Stob

The constant-slope lines is probably times of normal ingress from customers.

No idea about the vertical lines, not sure how it is possible for data to jump 1PB in such short period of time.


1 PB / 15 minutes / 11719 subnets = 94.812792 MB/s/subnet

Yeah, I can handle that (barely).



All my nodes together in all locations takes 200Mbit of ingress absolutely without problems almost every day


I can read that a couple ways. In this more recent update (dealing with the Dec 2023 payout changes) they mention they’re trying to keep payouts at $130k/month, and that…

“…In advance of customer usage, we store synthetic data and use synthetic egress to maintain that level of payout. We plan to continue to use these tools to keep this average payout rate near these levels until the growth of customer data eliminates the need for the synthetic load.”

I’m seeing mere MB of saltlake data for hundreds of GB of eu1/us1. Perhaps saltlake is their real development testing data… but they’re supplementing non-test-but-non-paying-customer data on the other satellites to make sure SNOs continue to share from that $130k/month? Because that blue line looks awefully artificial :slight_smile:

Either way it’s a cool graph to check every once and awhile!

If it’s not personal: how often do you have to add new drives? Or are you still filling your initial set of disks? 200Mb 24x7 must add up fast!

If any synthetic data gets added, it will be only on the Saltlake satellite.


IIRC that graph also shows Storj Select stats.


I am filing initial set of drives yet, but I also add drives time to time.
today i have 97 nodes and it over 500TB of space